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SIMAL CINEMA is a Nepal based boutique film production company founded in 2017 with a mission to seek and identify new cinematic languages and voices. It was founded to support young and upcoming independent filmmakers from Nepal. Besides this, the company’s focus is on international co-production of feature and short films with potential of international distribution.

The company credit includes; Bagthan (2022), short fiction by Sunil Pandey screened at Rotterdam, Junko (2021), short fiction by Minsho Limbu screened at Fribourg, Torino and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival winning a couple of awards in some of them. Similarly, The Mirage (2021), short fiction by Santosh Dahal screened at Raindance, Divination (2021), short fiction by Gopal Acharya screened at Film School Fest Munich, VGIK ISFF and London SFF, Confusion (2020), short fiction by Aashuka Aryal screened at Shorts Mexico, Vancouver, Tasveer and Chicago South Asian Film Festivals with a few awards in some of them. Also, Smoke Through the Spider Web (2019), short fiction by Niranjan Raj Bhetwal screened at Brno16 and The Remains (2018), short fiction by Manoj Babu Panta screened at Melbourne, Tampere and winning a few awards in some of the festivals.

Upcoming feature film projects include; Land of Ancestors by Manoj Babu Panta, The Flowers of Wild Sugarcane by Santosh Dahal. Similarly, upcoming short projects include Nitya Nutan by Nawa Nidhi Dahal and Summer of Good Byes by Minsho Limbu which was selected at Drama Pitching Lab, a part of the 45th edition of Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece,2022.

In recent years, the company has successfully participated in various markets, labs, and workshops such as Cannes Marche du Film, NFDC Film Bazaar, Berlinale Short Form Station, Drama Lab, Locarno Open Doors, Produire au Sud, Nantes and Global Media Makers Program.

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Objective & Missions

  • To supply diverse audio-visual contents to national and international platforms.
  • To create studio-work echo system.
  • To synthesize and balance the commercial and independent art house scenario of Nepali cinemas.
  • To expand the audio-visual awareness to Nepali audiences.
  • To discover next generation of hidden talents and untold tales and stories from diverse communities of Nepal.

Filming in Nepal

Nepal is a country of diverse geography, ethnicity and cultures. The Himalaya range towards the north of Nepal holds the wonder and beauty of nature. The Tibetan and Buddhist influenced culture of the region is the resource of thousands of tales and lore. The Aryan and Hindu Culture of both the mid hilly region and the plain Terai region in its uniqueness exhibits millions of untold stories. Nepal was never a colony. This fact has deep rooted strength-lore and nationalism in Nepal which can be narrated in many different ways. The giant nations of Asia – India and China, share their culture and essence of life with Nepal. Thus, any film that tries to express the blend of those two countries can be filmed in Nepal. The historical figures of Nepal like Gautam Buddha, religious Hindu sites like Pashupati Nath Temple, the wonder of nature like Mount Everest all lie in Nepal. Due to these facts Nepal has always been touristic destination. The lap of nature is always there which can heighten the beauty of any frame of film. The life philosophy and essence of Nepali people gives the narrative a universal tone. And, thus filming in Nepal is always better than best.

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