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Simal Cinema is a production company based in Kathmandu established in 2017 A.D. It was initiated for the creation of diverse contents in the field of audio/visual. Film graduates of various specializations both from national and international film schools envisioned this company in the hope to support as well as lead the audio-visual scenario of Nepal.The original and authentic lore, tales and stories from Nepal are almost not transformed into the medium of audio visual. Similarly, the vibrant talents of the country are often not getting opportunities. In such a condition, Simal Cinema wants to initiate and bridge the talents with the tales and come up with something worth sharing to the world.

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Line Production


Short Film


Film Festival Distribution


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Screenplay Writing and Analysis


Objective & Missions

  • To supply diverse audio-visual contents to national and international platforms.
  • To create studio-work echo system.
  • To synthesize and balance the commercial and independent art house scenario of Nepali cinemas.
  • To expand the audio-visual awareness to Nepali audiences.
  • To discover next generation of hidden talents and untold tales and stories from diverse communities of Nepal.

Filming in Nepal

Nepal is a country of diverse geography, ethnicity and cultures. The Himalaya range towards the north of Nepal holds the wonder and beauty of nature. The Tibetan and Buddhist influenced culture of the region is the resource of thousands of tales and lore. The Aryan and Hindu Culture of both the mid hilly region and the plain Terai region in its uniqueness exhibits millions of untold stories. Nepal was never a colony. This fact has deep rooted strength-lore and nationalism in Nepal which can be narrated in many different ways. The giant nations of Asia – India and China, share their culture and essence of life with Nepal. Thus, any film that tries to express the blend of those two countries can be filmed in Nepal. The historical figures of Nepal like Gautam Buddha, religious Hindu sites like Pashupati Nath Temple, the wonder of nature like Mount Everest all lie in Nepal. Due to these facts Nepal has always been touristic destination. The lap of nature is always there which can heighten the beauty of any frame of film. The life philosophy and essence of Nepali people gives the narrative a universal tone. And, thus filming in Nepal is always better than best.

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