The Remains

The Remains

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  • March 10, 2020

“The Remains” directed by Manoj Babu Panta, 2018, 16:27, Fiction

The Remains is a stream of consciousness progression of a hallucinatory experience of an old man in his late 70s living in an isolated river bank.

The old man feels that his life is soon coming to an end and believes that he will be transformed into a gigantic fish. He wants to erase all his memories to escape from the sufferings. But wherever he goes, his own childhood image keeps appearing around him. The image traps the old man in a fishnet and they play a typical game in the riverbank

Awards and Nominations:

  • Official Selection in 49th Tampere Film Festival (2019)
  • Jury Award: Best International Work in WNDX: Festival of Moving Image (2018)
  • Grand Jury Prize in 3rd Nepal America Film Festival (2019)
  • Special Jury Mention in Short of the Year – Spring (2019)
  • Winner of the Category ‘Innovation’ in 1st Cinema Talks International Filmfestival (2019)
  • Special Mention Award in the category ‘New Asian Force’ in 25th ifva Awards (2020)
  • And, officially selected in other 20+ International Film Festivals including 67th Melbourne International Film Festival (2018).