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  • November 30, 2022

“Divination” written and directed by Gopal Acharya, 2021, 14:46, Fiction

In a village deep in the mountains of Nepal, an aging shaman ekes out a living as a farmer. Since his childhood, the villagers have called him whenever they’ve been plagued by illness and suffering. One day, when he is asked to heal a sick man, his healing powers no longer work. Neither his trance-like recitation of mantras nor the sacrifice of a rooster has any effect. The gods don’t hear him. Has he become too old to be a healer? In tranquil and contemplative images, Divination tells the story of a shaman who is facing the end of his life.

Awards and Nominations:

  • World Premiere:40th Film School Fest Munich, Germany, 2021
  • Official Selection: 41st VGIK International Student Film Festival, Russia, 2021
  • Official Selection: 18th London Short Film Festival, UK, 2022
  • Official Selection: 5th Nepal International Film Festival, Nepal, 2022
  • Official Selection: 25th Religion Today Film Festival, Italy, 2022
  • Official Selection: 3rd Not So Happy Film Festival, Sweden, 2022
  • Official selection: 5th Nepal America International Film Festival, USA, 2022
  • Official Selection: 2nd Svaneti International Film Festival, Georgia, 2022
  • Official Selection: 2nd Gandhara Independent Film Festival, Pakistan, 2022
  • Official selection: 5th Cinemaking International Film Festival, Bangaldesh, 2022
  • Official selection: 6th Global Youth International Film Festival Bangladesh,2022
  • Official Selection: 4th Nepal Cultural International Film Festival, Nepal, 2022
  • Official selection: 20th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal,2022
  • Official selection: 10th Nepal Human Rights Film Festival, Nepal, 2022
  • Honorable Mention:2nd Student World Impact Film Festival, USA, 2022
  • Official Selection: 20th Cinemapua International Student Short Film Festival, Philippines, 2023
  • Official Selection: 6th International Folklore Film Festival, India, 2023