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  • November 29, 2022

“Junko” written and directed by Minsho Limbu, 2021, 14:43, Fiction

A newlywed girl is left to live with her mother when her husband leaves to find work in India. He gives her a mobile phone as he departs, and this is to be the sole method of communication between the couple. She waits patiently for her husband to call, but it is in vain.

As days pass, longingness turns to loneliness, then resignation to resolve. The girl and her mother ultimately find solace in each other in this affecting film about solitude, abandonment, and self-actualization.

Awards and Nominations:

  • Best Short Film: 42nd VGIK International Student Film Festival, Russia, 2022
  • Best Cinematography: 5th Linz International Short Film Festival, Austria, 2022
  • Best Directing: 18th Early Bird International Student Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2022
  • Honorable Mention Best Screenplay: 2nd International Short Film Festival, Bangladesh, 2022
  • Official Selection: 44th Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece, 2021
  • Official Selection: 21st POFF Shorts Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, 2021
  • Official Selection: 38th Torino Film Festival, Italy, 2021
  • Official Selection: 9th Ajyal Film Festival, Qatar, 2021
  • Official Selection: 21st Anchorage International Film Festival, USA, 2021
  • Official Selection: 18th London Short Film Festival, UK, 2022
  • Official Selection: 36th Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland, 2022
  • Official Selection: 31st Media Wave International Film and Music Gathering, Hungary, 2022
  • Official Selection: 15th National Film Festival for Talented Youth, USA, 2022
  • Official Selection: 37th Washington DC Filmfest, USA, 2022
  • Official Selection: 24th Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival, Israel, 2022
  • Official Selection: 20th Ischia Global Film Film Festival, Italy, 2022
  • Official Selection: 8th Minikino Film Week 8- Bali International Short Film Festival, Indonesia,2022
  • Official Selection: 12th Queens World Film Festival, USA, 2022
  • Official Selection: 7th Trujillo International Independent Film Festival, Peru, 2022
  • Official Selection: 20th Kathmandu Internatonal Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 2022
  • Official Selection: 10th Nepal Human Rights Film Festival, Nepal, 2022